Basic Refraction Equipment

Test room essentials: Near Vision Units, Pupilometer, Ishihara Test Plates, HRR Test....

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New Standard Large Carry Case


Purchase this Unique Design Protected Case - this case will hold the Welch Allyn & Opticlar range of Ophthalmoscopes and Retinoscopes. The case will also hold all the items seen in the picture: Trial frame, confirmation loops, cross cylinders, Pen Light, Occluder, Fixation Stick, Pen, Ophthalmoscope, Retinoscope, Transilluminator and the following Volk lenses: Superfield, 90D, 60D, 78D, Digital Wide Mag, Digital High Mag, Super 66, 20D, Panretinal 2.2.



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New SGL Universal Carry Case

The Universal Carry Case - Holds the following items:

2 x Confirmation Loops, 3 x Cross Cylinder Lens, Pen light, Pen, Romanes Occluder, Fixation Stick, 2 x Battery Handles, Ophthalmoscope (Keeler Specialist / Professional, Welch Allyn or DESSC), Retinoscope (Keeler Specialist / Professional, Welch Allyn or DESSC), Indirect BIO Lens, Slit lamp lens (x3 range), Trial frame and 2 x spare bulbs.

This unique case is design protected and the most versatile designed.

NOTE: The item is shown with equipment for illustration purposes only. The purchase would include the case only.

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