The Universal Carry Case - Holds the following items:

2 x Confirmation Loops, 3 x Cross Cylinder Lens, Pen light, Pen, Romanes Occluder, Fixation Stick, 2 x Battery Handles, Ophthalmoscope (Keeler Specialist / Professional, Welch Allyn or DESSC), Retinoscope (Keeler Specialist / Professional, Welch Allyn or DESSC), Indirect BIO Lens, Slit lamp lens (x3 range), Trial frame and 2 x spare bulbs.

This unique case is design protected and the most versatile designed.

NOTE: The item is shown with equipment for illustration purposes only. The purchase would include the case only.

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SEA3 Model SS1 Universal Trial Frame:     BEST SELLING TRIAL FRAME

Ultra light only 49 grams (the lightest ever manufactured in the world) 

Ultra strong trial frame

The only trial frame with replaceable tips and nose rests for added hygiene and life long use  - FREE lifetime supply*

Holds up to 10 trial lenses with patented new unique lens system.

European Made.

The SGL Group are the sole UK distributors for this unique product.

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NOTE: Colour shown in picture is for illustration purposes only. Stock item is in a grey colour

Unique stylish combi unit a must for all practices

The unit is available in various colour options and either left or right set table - to suit all clinics and all practitioners needs.

1 Chair zero position Yes
2 Auxiliary function Three
3 Out/put plug socket Four
4 Telescopic drawer for trial lens set Yes
5 Ophthalmoscope stand Open tray
6 Instrument carry on table top Two
7 Chair rotating Yes (180 degrees)
8 Seat cushion Regular
  Technical Specification  
9 Require space size for unit installation 1474 x 2744mm
10 Power consumption 100w
11 Power supply AC 230 v,50 Hz
12 Optional power supply 110 v
13 Seat height : UP (Down) 736 (533) mm
14 Vertical Traveling 200mm
15 Table top size 400 x 800 mm
16 Weight carrying capacity of patient's chair 200kg
17 Total Weight of unit 270kg


Competitor prices around £2,850.00
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