Leasing Explained



The Benefits Of Equipment Finance


Protect Cashflow
Finance enables you to acquire vital pieces of equipment and grow your business yet still keep valuable cash in the bank. This can then be used for less tax efficient projects or to simply add value to your business.


100% Tax Relief
Whether it be Lease or Hire Purchase, finance enjoys 100% tax efficiency and the key is timing this relief for maximum benefit to your business. Depending on your circumstances either your monthly payments or the invoice value can be offset against future tax bills.

Fixed Rates
Protect yourself from increases in Bank Of England Base Interest Rate.


VAT de minimis

By leasing equipment you spread the VAT over the term of the finance agreement reducing the impact on your all important VAT de minimis.


Self Financing
Equipment can be self financing if it generates more revenue than the monthly payments.



The Benefits Of Performance Finance


Specialist Advice
By informing and advising you about the different facilities and the importance timing a project our specialist team can ensure you maximise both your tax and vat positions. 

Competitve Rates
With access to over 15 of Europe’s largest lenders we can offer the most competitive facilities first time, every time.  

Unlike “principal lenders” Performance Finance can pass title to the equipment at the end of your agreement.